Last friday, 22nd of June, I graduated as Crossmedia Designer at the AKI Enschede. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the fact that the audience got what I meant with my project ‘(on)rust’ (unrest).

My project contains some different approaches to the psyche of the human being, with illustrations. With different media like animations, books and big prints I want to show what ‘inside my head’ looks like, and not just my head, but most importantly, a lot of my peers.

The pressure of nowadays, getting a job, being perfect at everything you do, a full head, exhaustion,… 

And this in combination with my own perfectionism and fear to fail. I wanted to challenge this characteristics (not problems!) because I wanted to learn to have a bit more fun creating work, and letting go of the idea that everything has to be perfect,… That I had to be perfect. 

I had a lot of fun during my project, but I also met myself again and again. Also enduring the rough parts of this projects, makes that I can be really proud of the result. 

In a week or two I’ll show you, if you can’t make it, the whole project here on my website. 

You can see the final results for yourself during the finals exposition at the AKI,
June 29th till July 4th.