Een sneak peek van iets waar ik momenteel mee bezig ben. Ik wil graag mooie dingen maken! 


PIEKERBOEK Only NL: Het piekerboek is een boek, onstaan door het boek. Mijn hele afstudeerperiode heb ik verschillende ‘piekergedachtes’ opgeschreven… Om 1 uur s’nachts (bijv.) of overdag, wanneer ik mezelf weer tegenkwam. Het idee ontstond om van deze gedachtes uiteindelijk een boek te maken, en dan


GRADUATED Last friday, 22nd of June, I graduated as Crossmedia Designer at the AKI Enschede. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the fact that the audience got what I meant with my project ‘(on)rust’ (unrest). My project contains some different approaches to the


AKI MUPI This week the MUPI’s are finally hanging in Enschede! This means that every graduate has his own work printed on a giant poster, spread all over the city. My MUPI is located on the Boddenkampsingel (near the Woonplein) and shows not my graduation


NEW WEBSITE My new website is live, all ready for the final exams at the AKI, so I can show my portfolio of the last couple of months. Take a look and hope we will get in touch some day!


PORTFOLIO I finally received my portfolio and business cards in the mail!It is all part of my new identity, with my concept that it should be organic and graphic. This because of my constant battle between graphic minimalism and work inspired by nature, and quite


(ON)RUST I would like to invite you to the finals exposition, starting 29th of June till 4th of July.  There will be one room filled with my work ‘(un)rest’, with the subject matter ‘mental health’ and ‘millennials’. During my project I tried to capture emotions and


BLACK INK I’ve started with some experiments with ink, to challenge my perfectionism. The ink goes it want to go, and it can never be perfect. You can see the final results for yourself during the finals exposition at the AKI,June 29th till July 4th.