Today I spend some more hours on the model that I’ve made in Blender. The model itself is quite simple. With the sculpture tool I tried to visualize my footprints in concrete. My epitaph is signed in chrome. I came across two problems during this project.

1 | surrounding
The surrounding that I wanted was a forest. I could use the background and use a HDR panorama picture of a forest… But for some reason it just didn’t worked out (see the gallery below). So in my presentation I will show the model itself, along with some pictures of the surrounding that I would like.

2 | shading
I wanted to create my footprints in concrete, but now you cannot see it very clear. I asked for some help with this, but we couldn’t make it like how I would like to see it. Therefore I made my footprints a bit deeper… more unrealistic, but then you could see more of the depth.

Then again, this is my first time with Blender. I asked for some help, but if I let Jip do all the work,… yes it would look much better and realistic… But therefore also unrealistic in my ability. So I’m glad with this final result, as it is my first 🙂



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