The assignment came from Martin, and we had to make our own grave. How do you want to be remembered when you die? The most relaxed environment for me is being in nature. So that should be the surrounding.

The idea is that I have a stone, where my footprints lay in. This stone is placed in nature (a forest) and people can step in to my footprints. They can see, in my “perspective” that there is nothing going on. Everything is okay, nothing to worry about. The fact that I’m not there anymore, is okay. My ashes will be placed in this stone, and my family and friends may decide where to put it (as long as it is in nature).

The epitaph says: “I’m fine, you’ll be too”.

It is all about the positive thought. 

Because of the time, but furthermore the fact that I wanted to do something totally new, I have chosen to do this assignment in 3D. It is something I’ve never worked with before. We also had to do something digital with this assignment, so I thought it would be great to combine this.

My boyfriend (Jip) is a 3D artist, and works with Blender. It is program that is free to download. When I first opened Blender I was in a shock, I know Adobe… But this is so totally different! I asked Jip if he could help me with this project… I want to learn how to use Blender, but I also wanted to make this object on my own.

I now learned a couple of things, and made my first blender project! I still don’t know so many stuff, but here is my first try! Next update will be about textures and placing it in a environment.

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