Based on a visit to the museum, we had to make a collage with a theme. I have chosen for the theme ‘war’ and more important, the issue that is going on with ISIS and America. In these collages it doesn’t come forward what I think about the situation… I do think they’re both wrong. They both have blood on their hands, have a excuus called religion and encourage each other.

So the following assignment says that we have to make a painting that is wearable. I come across the idea that I could make two foam fingers, normally used to encourage sports in America. On each pointing finger I will paint the flag (ISIS and America) and some dripping blood that indicates also a part of the flag of in this case, America.

Both fingers will point to each other, saying that the other one is wrong. I don’t choose a side, but my statement says that they are both guilty. foto 1 foto 5

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